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Hi! My name is Michelle!

Wife~Mama~Traditional Naturopath~Bioenergetics Practitioner~Author of From Hell to Rebirth~Speaker~YogaFaith Instructor~Spiritual Mentor~Entrepreneur~Senior Pipeline Field Clerk~Life Long Learner


WELCOME to mi-Chalet (me-sha-le) boutique!  As a young girl, I loved hair, makeup, and fashion.  In fact, I had hopes of becoming a model and actress while growing up.  Little did I know that my failing health would temporarily halt me from pursing those dreams.  From a very young age I suffered from health issues which progressed into chronic conditions in my early twenties. Then I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and all of the horrible co-infections associated with Lyme.  In addition to the debilitating physical aspects of this disease, few knew that the unresolved emotional traumas I had experienced as from my childhood and teenage years were now manifesting as mental health issues.  Near death experiences occurred from being pushed to the edge.  I actually believed that my life was hopeless, so I set aside my dreams and passions until now.

My book, From Hell to Rebirth takes you on a roller coaster ride of pain, sickness, and addiction as I rose from the flames of hell to rebirth. 

During my darkest times, my faith was tested abundantly.  However, in those darkest hours there was still a faint spark of light and hope.  I thank God immensely each day for the gift of opening my eyes and a beating heart to spread faith, hope, and love to others who so desperately need to be heard and for them to know they are not alone.

Also, I can’t imagine my life without my amazing husband and soulmate, Steve and our 2 beautiful children, Brynin and Kylie.  For me life is about going on adventures, making memories, and being an inspiration to others by showing that they too can rise from the flames and make their dreams a reality, just as I have with mi-Chalet boutique.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for visiting mi-Chalet boutique and making a person’s dream become a reality.  I hope you come to love mi-Chalet boutique as much as I do by Being Uniquely You!

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Love and gratitude,